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Hotel Best Western Congress  
Hotels in Yerevan

Best Western Congress
Hotel services: Swimming Pool Laundry Bar Restaurant Conference Hall Business Center Fitness Center Sauna Parking Internet access
Room services: Air Conditioning Touch-tone Phone Cable TV Shower Internet access
1$ = 412.90 dram
Prices for Low Season
Room Type Discounted Rate (US$) Published Rate
Standard Room Sgl.
Standard Room Dbl.
Congress Executives
Prices for Hight Season
Room Type Discounted Rate (US$) Published Rate
Standard Room Sgl.
Standard Room Dbl.
Congress Executives

Room Rates exclude:

  • Full Buffet Breakfast;
  • VAT 20%.

Room Rates include:

  • Fully equipped Fitness Center with Sauna, Open Air Caribbean Swimming;
  • Pool (in summer) with Jacuzzi;
  • Internet Services: DSL Internet connection in every room, WiFi Internet (in Lobby, Restaurant, Bar and Swimming Pool).
Oriental Express CA LLC, registered in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, being the subject of tourism industry, is exempt from paying VAT (20%) but is a payer the single state tax of 6% of the total cash receipts.
Amount of rooms:


  • 44 Single;
  • 72 Doubles/Twins;
  • 10 Congress Executives.
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    Currency rates
    1 USD = 412.90 dram
    1 EUR = 566.50 dram
    1 RUB = 11.54 dram

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