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Hotel Aviatrans  
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Aviatrans Address: 4 Abovyan Str., 0015 Yerevan

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Author: DamaskDuke     From: London Added: 18 November 2013
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: November 2013

Excellent mid price option in Yerevan

We had an excellent stay here - Great value, nice spacious room (3 of us in a family room), with well stocked mini bar, TV with some channels in English. 24 hour reception and very helpful staff who organised two excellent day trips and a brandy tasting at the Ararat distillery (don’t miss!) Location superb – very near the main square and some good bars and restaurants nearby (Dolmama, the best place in town just around the corner). Best of all, a superb breakfast buffet for a hotel at this price. Would stay again if ever back in this great city.
Author: BernardLaverge     From: Kortrijk, Belgium Added: 2 October 2013
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: August 2013

Good hotel, good situation.

Everything is OK (room,breakfast, in the center of Yerevan), the staff is very friendly and they speak English. The center of Yerevan is nice, it was a surprise. The Republic Square in the evening with music and fountains and light, attractive.
Author: annietutungian     From: Alexandria, Egypt Added: 18 August 2013
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: July 2013

15 days at aviatrans

We had a great time at the hotel.. Our room 205 was huge and excellent as we were 4 ... 2 mins walk from republic square.. Just infront of the northern ave .. Where we enjoyed walking and hearing to the musicians afternoons..
The stuff were very cooperative and sweet.. I had no problems with my stay on the contrary we had a great time there would go again any time
Author: Sergey     From: Россия Added: 4 May 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: May 2014

месторасположение в самом центре, в 2 шагах от центральной площади
Очень скудный выбор на завтрак (ну никак не 4*)
Author: Alexander     From: Россия Added: 17 April 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: April 2014

Компания друзей
17 апреля 2014 г.

Хорошее расположение гостиницы, в самом центре, 5 минут пешком до оперного театр и вернисажа. Внимательный и вежливы персонал.

Очень застиранные,серые полотенца, требующие немедленной замены.
Author: Iryna     From: Россия Added: 12 March 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: March 2014

Отель размещен в центре Еревана, что очень удобно для туристов. Персонал отеля отзывчивый и приветливый

Wi-Fi работал с перебоями, но терпимо.
Author: Olga     From: Россия Added: 11 March 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: March 2014

Отдыхали с мужем с 7 по 10 марта 2014 года. Очень уютный, камерный отель! Месторасположение идеальное, в друх минутах ходьбы от площади Республики! Обслуживающий персонал дружелюбный и приветливый! Все очень хорошо! Спасибо за внимание и предупредительность. Обязательно порекомендую Ваш отель своим друзьям!
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